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Carl Berg - Sum of the Parts

group exhibition at CMAY Gallery

July 24, 2021 - September 4, 2021

CAR L BERG -2a-web copy

CMAY gallery is pleased to present Sum of the Parts, a group exhibition featuring eleven Los Angeles-based artists and one artist from Italy who create work in various assemblage and/or collage techniques.

Each artist in the show features works that are created from multiple elements that are “assembled” to create a singular artwork. In some cases, the works are created from disparate elements collected by the artists creating a new singular art piece. In other works, the artists specifically created individual elements from scratch with the idea of combining them into a unique singular artwork.

In either case the artists use an additive process to create their work in which the found or created elements are combined to create a greater whole. The finished works function as a new singular artwork but are made from many individual parts that are still visible as singular elements to the viewer. A constructed artwork in which the process and material are still very evident.

Each of the elements within the assembled and collaged works interplay with one another creating an almost musical composition. Rhythms and patterns are played out not as musical notes but rather of as gestures of color, pattern and material.

Once combined these elements create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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